Business is back on, but certainly not business as usual. Real Estate transactions have been included as an essential business, but there are some really big caveats. All appointments are to be done virtually, or by appointment if virtual viewing is not feasible and only on vacant homes. Only virtual views are allowed if the home is occupied.  If a real estate agents does physically show a vacant home it can only be the agent and no more than two people from the immediate family. 

This brings up many questions.  What is essential to a Real Estate transaction?   Are inspections?   I guess you could argue that they are, but that isn't clear.  I don't think that staging would be, would a painter?  These are all the unknown areas.  We have heard that some banks are not doing appraisals, some are doing drive by appraisals, it all depends on the bank.  A link to the new health orders for San Mateo county can be found here.

While there are many unknowns, we have taken the stance that we need to invest in technologies that will help our clients present their home in the best way possible.  We don't think walking through a house with your iphone is a great virtual tour.  To that end Karin and I have invested in technologies that will allow us to do 360 degree virtual (and Virtual Reality if you have the mask) self-guided tours without involving a 3rd party vendor to come out and take photos. They will be available for all our listings when possible. We will also use this technology  when showing buyers properties that are vacant and aren't our listings.  In addition we are also able to do virtual staging if a home is vacant.  It's not a perfect solution, but we feel it is a step in the right direction.

If you are interested in selling, let us know The technology is pretty straight forward, and while we can't take the interior photos of your home for you if your house is occupied, we can drop off the special camera and tell you how to do it, then we can do all the back end work.

Here is an example of a home we did just as the pandemic started, we also virtually staged the home.

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Stay safe everyone
Karin and Scott
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