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Given the current economic climate and housing market conditions many people are wondering if their homes value has gone down to the point that the property taxes they pay aren't an accurate representation of market value. San Mateo county realized this also and pro actively implemented a county wide Decline in Value review of 45,000 properties that were purchased after Jan. 1, 2002. I was one of those reassessed and, surprisingly, my property taxes went up 2% (the maximum allowable under Proposition 13) for 2009 in spite of the decline in the La Honda housing market.
In light of this, Karin Bird and I have would like to show you how to appeal to the county to decrease your property tax. We are holding a free workshop on July 1 for our neighbors to help the with the "Decline In Assessed Value" appeals process. The workshop will take place at the Mountain Terrace, which is across the street from Alice's restaurant from 6"30-8pm.
In this workshop we will:
-Supply you with a workbook and forms that you will need to appeal your property value to the county assessor's office
-Explain the two step appeals process
-Supply you with the comparable sales in the area
-Supply you with trends in the area to help you make your case.
Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!
When: July 1, 2009 From 6:30-8pm
Where: Mountain Terrace at 17285 Skyline Blvd, across from Alice's


Please complete all fields to sign up for the Declining Value Workshop held at the Mountain Terrace on July 1.

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